Yoga in the park, yoga nidra, and the effects of a meditation practice

With the beautiful warm weather we’ve been having, I’ve been lucky enough to have people join me to practise in a local park. The sessions have been fairly mellow the last couple of times as it’s been so hot, and we had to miss most of May because of the rain, but practising in the fresh air is such a lovely experience. Feeling the breeze and the warm sun on your skin, smelling the scent of freshly-cut grass, hearing the birds… Fi also has been coming along with her hula hoops teaching us some moves after the yoga (although some people [me] have been very slow at learning how to do them- apparently yoga needs far less coordination than hula hooping!!)…

My yoga nidra course was really interesting too. I learned a lot about the brain, I got to experience some wonderful nidra states, and I’m even more full of enthusiasm for it than I was before- to the point of being slightly evangelical, oh dear!!

Some lovely yogis accepted my invitation on Tuesday for me to try out my new skills on them, and they seemed quite happy by the end of the practice. I intend to record some out in nature, and then share them on this site- another new challenge for my IT skills!

On that subject, increasing my yoga nidra practice and meditation practice has had a noticeable effect on my moods and also the cravings I sometimes get for comfort foods, like chocolate, crisps, and wine. I feel better regulated and am able to make healthier choices more easily. I’ll let you know how that goes. I’ve always started practice with some breathwork, usually breathing for heart rate variability, but after the nidra course I’ve introduced nadi shodana (alternate nostril breathing) both in class and for myself, and it is also having quite the effect on me. It helps with grounding and reducing stress, and like the counting breath practice, it takes concentration so you have to be mindful and in the moment.

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I'm a teacher, a learner, a writer and a dreamer. Living aboard a narrowboat and trying to get in touch with my creative side, ground myself with yoga, and generally live well.

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