Welcome to Floating Lotus!

Why practise yoga?

Through a yoga practice, you can access physical benefits such as:

  • strength,
  • flexibility,
  • increased heart rate variability
  • the benefits that come from a weight-bearing, low-impact activity, such as improved fitness, greater bone density, protection for joints and so on.

You may also access mental benefits such as:

  • an increased sense of wellbeing,
  • increased Self energy
  • reduced stress.

Why practise with me?

People often tell me that they can’t do yoga because they aren’t bendy enough. Well, we’re all on that journey! I try to offer classes which are inclusive and welcoming, not intimidating or very solemn and serious. You might not be able to touch your toes at the start of the class but maybe by the end, you will be.
Along with everyone who practises yoga, I’m on a journey- my practice ebbs and flows, is affected by other demands on my time and mental health, how well I’ve been eating and how much wine I’ve had the night before! If I include a challenging posture in a class, it will be something that I’m ‘working towards’ as well, so we can all laugh about it together as we wobble and lose our balance! Essentially, there’s no such thing as a ‘yoga body’ and no perfect yogi, either. We’re all ‘working towards’ and our journeys are all as unique as we are. We start from where we are today. You can watch some short videos of my self-practice here.

Important: It’s always a good idea to let me know about any injuries or medical conditions that you have which might affect your yoga practice. These could include joint problems, vertigo, pregnancy, anxiety, nerve problems like sciatica, or blood pressure issues.

Feedback about the classes: “Cerian creates a lovely environment and teaches in a way that makes yoga accessible for all. I walk away from a class feeling relaxed, calm and happy. I highly recommend giving Cerian classes a go.”

“Thank you I always feel great and more motivated after your class, I’m hoping I can make Wed too.”


Sadly Covid-19 has interrupted a lot of activities and yoga has been one of them. I’m grateful to be running classes again but with the following provisos:

  • Classes are socially distanced and I’m not making hands-on adjustments unless we agree together that I should.
  • I can offer you a non-porous mat, and antibacterial sprays and cloths to wipe them down before and after, but if you have your own mat please do bring it. I also have bricks, blocks, and straps but be aware that these are made of foam or cotton fabric so are hard to disinfect.
  • If you have any other props that you like to use- bolsters, blocks, books, mats, eye masks, or blankets- please feel free to bring them.
  • If we move into a higher tier or a lockdown, and classes need to be paused, class passes can be carried forward to when we are next practising together. I can’t offer refunds.


As more studios ask us to bring our own equipment, or as we practise more at home, you may be thinking of investing in your own kit. If you are, please consider buying through this link to Ekotex, which will earn me a little commission.