Workshop Offering

When: Saturday 4th March, 2023 9:30-4:30
Where: Under the Edge Arts, Wotton-under-Edge
What: A yummy offering of yoga, meditation, journalling, and massage, all along with teas, cakes, and lunch
Exchange: £70 per person

Join Anna and Cerian for a day retreat of mindful movement, relaxing massage, and an exploration of your inner world with some meditation and journalling practice. Enjoy moving with the breath, take time to check in and listen to body and mind, and hopefully come to a deeper understanding of yourself. 

Arriving at the beautiful Under the Edge Arts centre, you will be welcomed with a selection of teas, quiet music, and a calm atmosphere. Anna will be offering On-Site seated massage which focuses on acupressure points on the 12 major meridian lines on the back, arms, legs and head. This 20-minute treatment will leave you feeling energised, restored, and relaxed. There will be time slots allocated through out the day for you to choose your treatment time, during the journalling sessions.

We will begin with some guided mediation and breath work, then an invitation to journal, perhaps reflecting on where we are now and our intentions for the day.

This will be followed by a vigorous vinyasa flow yoga practice, where we move with the breath, and perhaps find that the mindful movement brings up insights that we can explore further in our second journalling session, along with more tea and cake.

This time will be a mixture of optional guided journalling and quiet individual reflection. 

We will have a nutritious lunch, taking our time to slow down and enjoy mindfully, before discussing and perhaps sharing our journalling and insights, then moving into a restorative yin yoga flow and (optional) yoga nidra*. The final invitation to journal will follow this deep rest, where perhaps you find some clarity or maybe further lines of questioning!

*Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation and deep rest. It’s possible in a Nidra state to tread the line between sleeping and waking, and to access creativity and insight. Not everyone may wish to take part in this, and there will be an opportunity to end your practice at the end of the restorative flow, rather than staying on the mat for the Nidra.

Our closing circle will be an invitation to share (only if you feel moved to) anything you have noticed or learnt.  There will be an opportunity to discuss and reflect our experiences all over a cup of tea and a piece of cake. 

What to bring…

Please bring with you a notebook and pen, or anything else you might want to have to hand for journaling. Wear comfortable clothes you can move easily in, with layers you can take off. A blanket is also recommended. We have mats and props, but if you prefer to bring your own, please do so.

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I'm a teacher, a learner, a writer and a dreamer. Living aboard a narrowboat and trying to get in touch with my creative side, ground myself with yoga, and generally live well.

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  1. Definitely interested in a place (if still available) please add my name & l will bring a deposit on Sunday to 🧘‍♂️


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