Holidays again :)

It’s my last day of being on holiday, and when I woke up the clocks had gone back and it was raining A LOT, so me and the puppy snuggled up with coffee and yesterday’s rugby on the laptop. It’s a real treat to spend a Sunday morning in such a relaxed* and decadent way.

*Only relaxed once the game had finished, of course.

The child, the GTS and I went to stay in a friend’s caravan at Hillend on the Gower for a few days this week. It was such a blessing to spend chilled, relaxed time together. We played Scrabble, walked the dogs on the beach, drew, ate, drank, and even watched a bit of telly!! Compete bliss. The child and I even managed a bit of a surf, and she’s now completely obsessed and wanting to do LOTS MORE surfing- something I’m always up for, even if it means putting a cold, damp swimsuit onto my bed-warmed body on a morning!! We popped into PJ’s surf shop in Llangennith and saw the man himself- I remember going in there for my very first surfboard when the shop was still in a shed further down the road through the village. Legend then, legend now and a lovely bloke.

To be fair I didn’t take this particular photo on this trip. I didn’t take any photos this time! I tried hard to ignore the phone, had a bit of a social media detox, though only a bit… but anyway, this is from last autumn when we were there. Gorgeous.

Tomorrow I’m back to work and yoga classes re-start with Gentle/Beginners’ Yoga at Slimbridge Village Hall at 6pm. We missed the one before half term because the child was invited to an open evening for a high school that she wants to go to, so we went there instead (today is the last day for secondary school applications, so we needed to visit it before the holiday). I’m really looking forward to seeing the Slimbridge group again and will be planning a nice gentle flow today, with not too much up and down but a good range of mobility-enhancing postures and movements. On Wednesday it’s Vinyasa Flow in Stinchcombe, and next Sunday morning it’s Vinyasa Flow for Everyone in Frampton- check out the classes and about pages for more information.

In the meantime have a lovely Halloween Sunday!

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I'm a teacher, a learner, a writer and a dreamer. Living aboard a narrowboat and trying to get in touch with my creative side, ground myself with yoga, and generally live well.

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