Current classes and prices

Outdoors at Saul Park
***Weather dependent***
Paused for autumn/winter. Come to Frampton Village Hall 🙂

Class is suitable for beginners and for more experienced yogis
Pay As You Feel/Donations

Buy class passes here! Valid at any class.

Single class

One standard-priced class for Slimbridge or Stinchcombe. Non-refundable.


Medium class pass

Four classes at either Slimbridge or Stinchcombe at a discounted rate. Non-refundable.


Big class pass

Eight classes at either Slimbridge or Stinchcombe at a super-discounted rate. Non-refundable.


Slimbridge Village HallMondays at 6:00pm
Gentle/Beginners’ Yoga: A slow flow with lots of modifications offered. This class aims to welcome anyone new to exercise, new to yoga, and/or who might have mild to moderate mobility issues or other reasons to think that they ‘can’t do’ yoga.

Stinchcombe Village Hall – Wednesdays at 6:30pm
Vinyasa Flow: A strong flow with options for different bodies, accessible to most people. Remember there is always the option to rest!

Frampton Village Hall – Sundays at 10:00
Vinyasa Flow: This class is open to all, designed to offer a flow with stronger options but which is accessible to most people. We often attempt a peak balance pose, and laugh as we all fall over. Pay as you feel/donations (suggested donation £5)


*** Try any village hall class for just £5, or come to Frampton on a Sunday and pay as you feel ***

Big pass = 8 classes £68 (£8.50 per class)

Medium pass = 4 classes £42 (£10.50 per class)

Single pass = 1 class £12.50

Multi-class passes can be used when you can with no expiry, but cannot be refunded.
Passes can be used at either Stinchcombe or Slimbridge classes.

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